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SupplySide  are specialists in Strategy, Operations, Start Ups and Joint Ventures for all aspects of the Insurance Supply Chain.

Our consultancy focuses on end to end supplier strategy, planning and development for: 

  • insurance companies looking to build on and improve their supplier relationships and performance, and:

  • suppliers looking to increase their insurance work, secure new contracts, or create new products for insurers.

Insurers and their Suppliers. 

Suppliers and their potential insurance marketplace.

Clients include: Insurance companies, insurance repair suppliers, parts and equipment businesses, investigators, assessing companies, TPAs, insurtech, insurance joint ventures, investors, new ventures and start ups.

Client results include:

  • A new joint venture with a national ASX listed company;

  • New product development trial with a multi-site repair business;

  • Cross over product development partnership from property claims to a new repair segment;

  • Major repair contract proposal and management coaching;

  • Successful due diligence on major acquisitions;

  • Strategy workshops directly leading to a new a business structure and immediate results.


Working with SupplySide

We think about the whole of business supplier needs not just the next tender program. 
Being work ready and supplier aware.


For those seeking suppliers

  • Developing supplier aligned operational processes

  • Identifying suppliers, types, benefits, insource or outsource models

  • Contract development and performance targets

  • Benchmarking your supplier planning and results

  • Building a supplier development team and program

  • Coaching and training leaders for supplier decisions

  • Building and maintaining a REG-ready supplier panel

  • Managing disputes and contract variations

  • Training your people to make the most of the supplier program

  • Co-development of opportunities with suppliers – win/win

Shake on It

For those seeking to be a supplier

  • Preparing your business for the marketplace and supply tenders

  • Identifying and targeting your supply opportunities

  • Coaching teams and leaders for supplier meetings and presentations

  • Getting you contract and regulation ready

  • Helping get on to supplier panels and negotiate agreements

  • Maintaining performance

  • ESG enhancements and contract adherence

  • Using your new supplier volumes for cost, efficiency and new business growth

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Your 'Claims as Financial Service' Solution -  a purpose built insurance supplier program


Getting close to your team's performance by understanding your suppliers

Helping insurers benchmark their performance using a supplier data lense


Expert Guidance

Boots on the ground support for insurers to capture the information and documentation they need to meet their complex compliance obligations.

Project planning

A Path to Success

My services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. I work collaboratively with your leaders and their teams to develop their skills and implement their programs.


Rob Bartlett

Managing Consultant

Rob Bartlett is one of Australia's best know insurance professionals, having lead the transformation of the Suncorp claims supply chain over a decade, and introducing market changing initiatives such as the Vehicle Repair Standard, and operationalising AudaNet in the Australian market for the first time.

He's been on both sides of the supplier fence, working previously with Transurban to repair the broken contract relationship with Government, and with Suncorp watching over hundreds of large supplier relationships.  He is best know for his work with Capital SMART, helping grow it to over 48% of Suncorp repairs prior to it's divestment for $420m.  

He is highly respected in the insurance industry having chaired the Insurance Council motor insurance committee for over 7 years, and been appointed to the Code of Conduct Committee and as deputy chair of the NMVTRC.

He is currently on the Advisory Boards of MJM Corporate Risk Services, and Fortress Repair Group.

He has a particularly speciality in highly regulated industries, with a Masters in Public Management, and significant government relations experience.



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